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Path of Winged Souls

Super excited to be part of the Bath House Cultural Center Dia de Los Muertos Exbition again. I created this piece in tribute to my Grandmother who was born in 1925. Like most grandparents she loved to reminisce. She could fill your days with stories of how she grew up in Maine being the oldest of 7 siblings. “Oh how the times have changed from when I grew up” she would say to me. Her and her brothers and sisters had to walk miles to school no matter the weather and that it wasn’t until she was married that she finally got her first car. Her house was filled with apples and cardinal décor and her home always smelled of apple pie. This mosaic is how I picture her in the afterlife. Wearing her 1950’s swing dress resting on a field of marigolds on a cove in Maine surrounded by her precious apples watching the cardinals.

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